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BE Founders Monir & Moyn Islam on Helping People Avoid Being Scammed

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dubai, UAE – The young entrepreneurs, Monir Islam and Moyn Islam, from a humble working-class community in the UK, have tackled some of their lives’ most difficult circumstances. From falling trap to being victims of one of the world’s biggest scam histories, now, they are helping people to avoid being a victim to scams.

Early on, Monir Islam and Moyn Islam – like any other commoner – did the odd jobs, lived the hard life to later build a career in the network marketing industry. Life isn’t always perfect, but for the youngsters ‘Entrepreneurship’ was everything they deemed to pursue. With the steady rise of cryptocurrency around 2015, Monir and Moyn, just like everyone else, were got introduced to this new investment opportunity through some friends.

In 2016, almost two million people worldwide were involved with OneCoin, which was poised as the next biggest digital currency phenomenon after Bitcoin. A company with such unmeasurable credibility, including audit documents on cryptocurrency, the mining firm, banking with big banks, and OneCoin Mastercard, events at ‘The Economists Fourth EU Summit’ in the presence of world leaders’ and whatnot. OneCoin’s vision was to become better than Bitcoin—ideally to bank the unbanked. Monir and Moyn trusted that they could be part of a revolutionary movement in the FinTech industry, they made their meagre investment.

Later they introduced two other people from their close circle. Then those two introduced five more people who also wanted to invest in OneCoin, who later became pivotal in bringing about 700 people in the team.

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