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Monir and Moyn Islam: The young entrepreneurs redefined life challenges

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

No money. Struggling career. Betrayal. False story. Harassment. Life is full of tough challenges—many of them unexpected—and many of them can even be difficult to overcome. The young entrepreneurs, Monir Islam and Moyn Islam from a humble working-class community in the UK, have tackled some of these lives’ most difficult circumstances.

Early on, Monir and Moyn—like any other commoner—did the odd jobs, lived the hard life to later build a career in the network marketing industry. Life isn’t always perfect, but, for the youngsters, entrepreneurship was everything that they needed. It simply made sense because as networkers, there’s always an opportunity to meet different people, build a network and work for something they’re passionate about in their career. However, with the steady rise of cryptocurrency around 2015, Monir and Moyn, just like everyone else at that time, got introduced to this new investment opportunity through some friends.

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